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Sex mistakes that men make

While it easy for you to give yourself a pat on the back after intercourse, don’t forget about her needs.  Research that has been done on the matter shows that most men are not good or skillful lovers as they think they are.

Men tend to make mistakes when it comes sex and it is time that you got to know them so that you can avoid them next time.

Mistakes to avoid

  • It starts in the bedroom

This one assumption that most men make. They tend to think that sex starts in the bedroom. Well, for them it does but this is not the case when it comes to women. Men are visual beings and that means that they can switch to sexual mood easily. Women on the other hand are emotional beings. For them to get in the mood, you need to emotionally prepare them. This you can do by talking to them. Showing them sweet gestures and also texting them during the day will prepare them. If a woman is not in the right frame of mind, they will not give you their all and it will not be a good experience for them.

  • Not being spontaneous

Men are creatures of habit. That means that they have a certain way of doing things. Women like trying out different things to figure out what works for them. Because men are habitual people, they tend to rush through which can be very frustrating for a woman.

One thing that you need to note is that sex for women depends on the mood they are in. That means that the sex experience will depend on the mood she will be in. You need to therefore ensure that you understand what she wants before performing your usual moves.

  • The assumption that you what she wants

Women know their bodies better than men. It will therefore save you time and energy if you just ask for directions.

  • Being too physical

For men, sex is physical for women it is more than just the physical part. You need to involve the emotions too if you want to have a great experience. That is what foreplay is about, preparing the women for the sexual experience.

  • Not seducing enough

Women like to feel special and therefore you need to ensure that you seduce them enough before you get intimate.

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