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Men-What they really Crave for in Matters of Sex?

When it comes to love making, men have different expectations as compared to women. There are several reasons behind this including differences in hormones, genetics, sexuality and preferences. While, men crave for wild sex and love making, women don’t reach their peak until they are fully aroused or involved with their partners. So, if you have been wandering what’s keeping you from satisfying your man to the fullest then read on to discover what men really want in terms of sex.

Communication is Important

One of the biggest reasons why people tend to have a disgruntled and boring sex life is because they fail to understand and communicate their desires with each other. Thus, it is important for men and woman to share their inner most desires and feelings to be able to satisfy each other on bed.

Men Want Fun

It’s no hidden secret that men are able to turn themselves on faster in comparison to women. In fact, men like it more when women make the first move and indulge in foreplay. They want to have lots of fun and excitement during sex, which means as a woman you should be wiling enough to make certain moves or take positions that will satisfy your man and make him want you more and more. The best way to do this is to open up with your partner and find out what he really expects of you.

Men Are Expressive

Men don’t like keeping things to themselves, especially in matters of sexual activities. They appreciate it when women teach them about certain moves and lovemaking. You can always please your man by making specific movements and indulging in a lot of action, massage or moves to arouse him to his fullest capacity.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Woman need to add variety into their sexual acts and moves to keep things interesting for men. Men totally believe in the fact that variety is the spice of life. Don’t keep repeating the same moves, actions or positions every time you indulge in sex. Rather, experiment with different moves, speed, emotions and positions to excite him. You can also engage in sex in different areas of your house including bathroom, living area or pool area, only remember to keep things private.  

To conclude, if you really wish to meet the desires and fantasies of your man, then allow him to do things his way. While, he won’t mind you guiding him it is always better to let him get emotionally involved in the act for ultimate sex, climax and ejaculation.

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