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How To Talk Dirty

Sex isn’t just about intercourse, but the way it makes you feel. So even if you’re not actually doing the deed, you can still get hot and bothered with a bit of dirt talk in between the sheets. It’s a great way to enhance your relationship and useful when engaging in things like sexting, phone sex and foreplay. But many are shy and feel intimidated by talking dirty, which they shouldn’t be. They just need a bit of help to start sounding naughty and the rest is easy. Here are some tips on what to say and when:

  • Start Slow

Being comfortable talking dirty takes time, so don’t think you’re be a pro the first time you do it. Take it slow and easy so that you don’t miss things up and ruin the mood. Bring up the subject with your partner and let them know what you’re thinking. If it’s something they are willing to try, you’ll feel better about doing it. Just make sure that you don’t cross any lines and say something that they’re not okay with, which is why it’s best to talk about it before.

  • Be Natural

To start off, talk to your partner about things you want to do to them and vice versa. Let them know the kinds of things that get you off and that you want to do to them in the bedroom. Once you start going, the rest will come naturally to you.

  • Be Inspired

Once you feel comfortable enough to include some talking dirty in your regular foreplay routine, it’s time to get a bit of inspiration. A great place to start is by reading some erotic literature. You can find a bunch online and can even make the research a joint thing, creating an entirely foreplay act for you both. You can also go off of movies and porn, but make sure that your partner is comfortable with it before you start blurting out new erotic things to them.

  • Stay Present

The last thing you want to do is ruin the mood, so make sure that you’re present while talking dirty so that you don’t repeat the same things over and over again. Make sure that you have lots of erotic phrases and words to choose from during your session so that you can keep them guessing.

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