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How to blow her mind in the bedroom

Sex is a mode of expression and each person has a different experience every time. For men, sex is physical however for women it goes deeper than that- it is emotional. That is the reason why as a man you need to ensure that you have skills to make her enjoy the sexual experience.

The undressing effect

You need to get her in the right mind for you to be able to give her the best experience. One thing that women like is attention and giving her, she will open up to you. Take time to undress her slowly. As you undress her, you can caress and kiss her slightly. Don’t forget to complement her on how great she looks and how gorgeous her body looks.  The art of undressing her is to build the anticipation. Anticipation will build up the desire.

Finger tricks

You need to caress her and emotionally get her ready. Your hands and fingers can help you with that. There are many different parts of the woman’s body that you can caress. But, you need to master the art of using your fingers because not all the fingering is good. You can use the spiral like motion technique as you move in and out. You will get to explore the most pleasurable areas in her body. You can change the frequency and the intensity to increase the sensation.

When you use the screw like motion, you will stimulate the vaginal walls for extra pleasure.

The nipple trick

Nipples are a great erogenous area in a woman’s body. If stimulated well, she will experience sensation and pleasure which will build up the desire. There are different techniques that you can use to stimulate the nipples. To build up the pleasure, you can start with fingers as you proceed to use your tongue. Different women prefer different intensity when it comes to the stimulation. You need to therefore pay attention to how the lady is responding to it.

The thrust power

Using different thrusts will blow her mind. This is because the alteration of the thrusts will stimulate the entire vagina walls. You can use both the deep and short thrusts to build up the pleasure.

Don’t be afraid to try the different sex positions as it will provide you with a great sexual experience. Take time to find out the position that she favors most and use that.

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