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The Facts and Myths of Sex

Sexuality matters and topics are always surrounded with a lot of misconceptions and myths. There is no scientifically proven law or pre-defined methods of indulging or enjoying sex. What is right for one isn’t appropriate for another. The physical as well as mental ability of couples differ from one another. Here, take a look at some of the common misconceptions and myths regarding sexuality.

Don’t Fantasize While Having Sex: Thinking of a hot super model while having sex isn’t wrong. In fact, it helps in retaining erection and keeps your mood intact. Thus, when you are enjoying sex with your partner, you can fantasize about people or moves as it will help in stimulating your brain and allow you to enjoy lovemaking to your fullest. Fantasizing in no way implies that you are disloyal towards your partner.

Pull out Technique Will Prevent Pregnancy: A good number of people think that pull out technique in sex helps in preventing pregnancy. The fact is that the semen consists of innumerable sperms, out of which one is needed for a woman to become pregnant. Men release sperms during ejaculation. However, sperms may be present in the fluid that is required for lubrication at the time of entering the female’s uterus. This is one of the major reasons why many females become pregnant even when they don’t want to and therefore it is not the safest method of engaging in sex.

Size does not Matter: When it comes to enjoying sex, the size of the penis does not matter at all. Science has also proven that the size of the penis isn’t a concern when it comes to engaging in sexual activities. The sexual moves and practices are all that really matters.  Women appreciate when men make soft, rhythmic and soothing strokes as this is what essentially allows them to enjoy sex to their fullest potential.

Men Need More Sex: It is a huge myth that men require more or a lot of sex in comparison to women. It is completely false. The truth is that both women and men have their own set of sexual desires and fantasies. However, women are far more emotional in matters of sex in comparison to men. While, a man may enjoy intercourse or sex with just about any female, woman look for emotional attachment to be able to enjoy sex.

Sex Should Always End in Orgasm: Sex may not always lead to orgasm. Orgasm has got nothing to do with attaining satisfaction at the time of having sex.

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