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Should You Discuss Sex with Your Daughter?

There is a lot of open discussion happening around sex. In fact, girls enjoy sex and watch porn more often than you can imagine. Given, such a scenario, do you think it is right to talk about sex with your children, especially your daughter who has either just entered her teens or is already there. It is no hidden truth that many girls masturbate and watch sex videos secretly. A study revealed that girls watch porn videos online. So if you are thinking whether you should be explaining a couple of things about sex to your daughter or not then check out some suggestions right here.

Parents Should Teach Daughters about Love and Responsibility

Parents must speak with their daughter and teach her everything about responsible sex and love. In fact, mothers can organize a meeting or gathering of people that includes family members and close friends, preferably females and discuss sexual matters in the most appropriate manner. Daughters should understand why sex should be enjoyed post marriage or after they are mature enough to understand and practice it. A discussion like that would also help your daughter ask a couple of her own questions. For instance, how does it feel to be a female or what are some of the important things she has understood regarding sexuality?

Benefits of Sex Education

When it comes to imparting sex education, parents must cover a wide variety of topics including sexual health, sexuality and sexual reproduction. Remember, there are several benefits of teaching your children, particularly your daughter about sex.

  • It helps her in clarifying a number of doubts and be more responsible as an individual both towards her family as well as the community.
  • Sex education is also needed for developing appropriate refusal, negotiation or communication skills.
  • Provides her with the much desired information regarding condoms, contraception and abstinence and their benefits.
  • Know and understand the importance of preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV.
  • Realize why teenage pregnancy isn’t right.
  • Address their emotional and psychological desires and determine why it is important to enjoy safe sex.
  • Recognize as well as respect the values of the community and behave more responsibly.

To conclude, parents must realize that children have access to the internet or web, which is the number one source for gathering information about sexuality, porn and related articles and videos. However, these articles and videos may discuss sex or sexual activities in a manner that may not be suitable for your daughter to follow at her age. Thus, instead of leaving your daughter, parents must make a conscious effort to provide her with appropriate sex education.

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