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Anal Advice for Beginners

You have probably fantasized about having anal sex before, but maybe you have still not tried it. Relax and do not worry. The anus has lots of nerve endings that can be stimulated by penis, tongue or a sex toy. However, before you start practicing anal sex you first need to get properly informed and prepare yourself. Foreplay is very important and necessary, so the person gets relaxed before engaging into anal sex. The following is the list of advices on how you enjoy anal sex.

  • Anus should be clean.

If you want your anal experience to be pleasant and memorable, you should pay attention to this. Fecal residue can be dangerous because it contains potentially harmful bacteria, so keep the anus clean. Before having an anal sex you should consume food that is high in fiber. Also having an enema is another option if you do not want to wait for long before having anal sex.

  • Start with foreplay.

Before starting to have anal sex, it is a good idea to play a little bit with your anal hole. Inserting a finger can be arousing, or maybe your partner can massage the place in order for you to get more aroused and relaxed.

  • Use lube.

Lube is essential while having anal sex, as it eliminates the pain that is usually associated with the anal sex. Using lots of lube is a must. This is because the anus is not wet like the mouth or the vagina, so it must be lubed. Lubes that are silicone based are the best because they keep the moist the longest. Even if you use condoms designed for anal sex you should still use lots of lube.

  • Find your position.

You can try different positions in order to find one that it feels best for you. This is very important because you will enjoy the anal sex the most in that position that it feels most comfortable for you. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with laying on stomach and then switching with your partner. Stay in the position that brings most pleasure to you and your partner.

  • Be patient and enjoy the experience.

Anal sex should be exciting for both partners. Take your time and do not rush things. Your partner should put the penis inside you slowly and with caution. Do not worry if it takes some time for him to enter inside you. Just relax and the things will go naturally. Your body also needs some time in order to get adjusted to the penis size. Take deep breaths until you start opening up a little bit more. As soon as you open up your partner can go deeper inside you. Take some break if you are still not relaxed and try again. In case you start feeling lots of pain or some discomfort, then it is advisable to stop with the anal sex. You do not want any damage, so do not risk it if it is not pleasant enough.

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