Why Should Women Make the First Move?

So, you’ve found your guy. He’s everything you ever wanted. Right from his looks to the way he talks, behaves and his qualities, everything about him is simply adorable and exciting. What’s even better is that you both are texting each other and hanging out as friends. However, you still haven’t received a proposal that you have been desperately waiting for.  What is it that you must do now? Should you wait for him to approach you and say those magical three words or do you think it is wise for you to approach him? Here, find out women must make the first move.

  1. End the Confusion: One of the biggest advantages of making the first move is that you can end the confusion for once and forever. If your guy likes you, he’ll gladly accept your proposal and you both can later take your relationship a step further. On the contrary if he isn’t really fond of you and wants you only as a friend, you won’t have to waste your precious time anymore.
  2. Shows You Are Confident: A lot of guys appreciate women approaching them first. In fact, they consider such girls to be bold and sexy. So, if you propose him first, you might end up being his woman for the rest of your life.
  3. Your Guy Could Be Shy: A good number of men are shy and restrict their feelings to themselves only because they feel you might not like them proposing to you. Thus, if you both feel the same way for each other but neither one is making the first move, it is always a good idea to not waste time any further.
  4. You are the New Age Woman: You are the 21st century girl and things have changed drastically from what they were earlier to what they are now. So much around you has transformed, which means you need to change your mindset and approach as well. Don’t expect men to confess their love to you when you know you are capable of speaking your mind as well.
  5. You Make the Choice, Not Him: When you approach a guy first, you make the choice and not him. You also get an opportunity to control your relationship.

In a nutshell, when you approach a guy before he does, you not only get an opportunity to flatter him but also show him that you have the courage and determination to do things in life exactly the way you desire.

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