Tips for Better Sex in Long-Term Relationships

It often happens for couples that have been very long together – their sex life to start to suffer. To some couples it becomes a routine and some couples find it dull. If you are in this kind of relationship you are not alone. Studies have shown that big percentage of long-term relationships is not happy with their sex life.  However, it does not have to be like that and there are some tips you can follow in order to improve your sex life. The following are some tips that happy long-term couples are using in order to reach and maintain a healthy and passionate sex life.

  • Be affectionate with each other. Happy couples are not happy because of the kinky toys or sex positions they try, but because their relationship is good outside their bedroom. The more you get along with your partner and the more you feel loved – the better your sex life would be. Show your partner affection throughout the whole day and not just in your bedroom. Use compliments and send flirty messages to each other. That will create a sexual tension between you two and your sex life will start to improve.
  • Openly talk with your partner about sex. Knowing your partner`s needs and desires leads to a better sexual partnership. Suggest a new position, ask your partner what he or she likes the most, try something new or talk after sex what was good and what was not. All of this can help in igniting your sexual spark again.
  • Focus on pleasuring your partner. If you see your partner satisfied, the bigger are the chances that you will be happier too. Female orgasm is more complex than male, so a good thing to do is to focus on the woman`s climax. If the sex becomes more satisfactory and pleasurable for the female partner, it would become more likely that she would like to have sex more often. Consequently, having sex more often will contribute more towards getting bigger sexual satisfaction of both partners.
  • Spice it up. When you have sex with the same partner hundreds of times, it starts to become a bit boring. Including some variety in your sex life will dramatically increase the excitement and pleasure. Trying interesting new positions, wearing sexy lingerie, watching sex movies or using toys can all help in improving the sex life of the long-term partners.
  • Make a good ambient for sex. Creating an intimate and romantic environment can help both partners. Lighting aromatic candles, sharing a bottle of wine together or playing romantic music can be a big turn on. Not only it will further strengthen the relationship, but it will also set the mood for sexual pleasure. Romantic music, candles and wine may sound like a cliché, but lots of people are forgetting to do it or simply do not want to try it. Paying attention to things like these can make the right difference and improve your sex life.
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