Signs that it is time to end the relationship

Have you ever found yourself in doubt about the relationship that you are in? If yes, then you need to proceed with caution.  You need to be able to decide if the relationship has a future or not.  There are signs that you can check to help you make the right decision.

  • You have lost the loving feeling

Love is a feeling yes, but for you to have a successful relationship, you need more than love.  Sometimes when you get into a relationship you may not be in love with the person.  You may be just infatuated and after a few days or months, the feelings disappear.  If you find yourself with those feelings, it is time to end the relationship because staying in a loveless relationship will not do you any good.

  • Concerns from your close friends and family

You know, when one is in love it is hard for you to see flaws.  That is why it is important to let your close friends and family to assess your partner early in advance.  They will be able to see character traits that you may have ignored. If several people talk to you about your relationship, then you need to listen and take note.

  • Loss of trust

Trust is the glue that holds relationship together.  If you lose trust then that relationship is doomed.  It is however important for you to assess the reason why you have doubts and then make a decision.

  • You differ in your beliefs and values

It is hard to be a person you are other in the same level of thinking.  If you don’t share the same sentiments or values, your relationship will not survive in the long term.  It is pivotal for you to find a partner who shares the same attitudes as you when it comes to life.

  • Past baggage

Even person has a past, however if your partner is holding on to the past relationships then you are not in a healthy relationship.

  • You don’t feel free to be you

If you can’t live your authentic self when you are in a relationship, then it is time to walk away. You will end up feeling suffocated and stifled if you don’t express your true self l.

  • No support

Your partner needs to be your number one supporter.  If they are not giving you their support when you are pursuing your dreams, you need dot leave.  That is not a healthy relationship.

  • Unfaithfulness

You do not need to be in a relationship with a person who is not faithful to you.  

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