Rules for open relationship

Interested in an open relationship?  Well, for it.  But, here is what you need to know; even though people are more accepting of the open relationship, it is still considered a taboo. Secondly, open relationship can be complicated if you don’t know what you are doing.  That is the reason why there are rules that you can follow to ensure that you stay in check.


Understand what open relationship is

So, the first thing that you need to do is understand what open relationship is.  There are people who assume because they are in a long distance relationship it is an open relationship.  However, open relationship is where a couple has agreed to have their sexual needs met by other people apart from their partner.

Note that, before you can have the open relationship, you need to have a proper discussion with your partner.  This is the only way that you are be successful.

Define your reasons

People get into open relationship for different reasons and you need to know work why you need to be in one. It is also important for you to discuss your reasons with your partner.  Having clear reasons will help you to stay true to yourself.  You need to also decide on the duration of the relations. That means you need to decide if you will have the relationship for long term or if it is a short term adventure.

Set boundaries

You need to set clear boundaries for the rest of the people who you will have a relationship with. You need to decide on the kind of relationship you will have.  That is, will be only physical or will you have other material gains?


You need to communicate with the people you will be engaging with. It is important for them to know that it is an open relationship.  This way they will not have any misconceptions about the relationship.

Keep it healthy

Because it is an open relationship, you need to have a safe sex. You need not make risky choices that can affect your life and future.

Avoid the friends

You need to look for people who are not involved with you in any way. This is what will help you to maintain a healthy relationship.

You need to maintain the respect between you and your partner. You should also respect your relationship by keeping the boundaries that you set.

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