4 Ways To Be A Better Lover

Everybody wants to be amazing in bed, but it’s something not many actually are. To be good in bed and a better lover means more than being able to move the right way. It takes skill and experience to really become a better lover who wows their partners in bed and can leave them wanting more. If you’re goal is to become a better lover, here are some different ways to make that goal happen:

  • Great communication

Before things get heated in bed, you should master your communication skills. It’s a key aspect of a great lover and will enhance your sexual appeal. Great communication makes for a better lover since it allows you to speak up and ask for what you want in bed and vice versa. You’ll also be great at talking dirty and feel comfortable voicing your concerns when it comes to issues in the bedroom.

  • Learn to take it slow

Life is busy and because of that, we all tend to hurry through our days, shuffling through meetings, tasks and even sex. But the key here is to learn to take it slow. Sure, a quickie is great and all – it’s not something that should be done on the regular. Sex should be savored and not something that’s rushed. Take time to really get your partner in the mood with foreplay, dirty talk, sex toys and a long, enjoyable session of sex and more sex!

  • Master the basics

New positions are fun and pleasurable, but before you go experimenting with new sex positions, make sure that you master the basics first. Being able to hit the right spot for your partner during missionary is a great accomplishment. Do your homework to find out what has really worked for others and then apply it with your partner to find out if it works for them. Once you have perfected the basics, other positions will be even that more enticing.

  • Be comfortable

Don’t be intimidated by sex and be comfortable in your own skin and with your own sexual abilities. Don’t feel ashamed for liking certain things and don’t be afraid to spice things up a bit with things like role playing, toys, talking dirty and other sexual activities you might not be used to.

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