Things to Avoid When Going on Dates

Dates can be very exciting if you go out with a person you have always wanted. However, in order to leave a good impression you have to follow certain guidelines in order to make the dating experience more pleasurable. Some things that are not tolerated on dates both by men and women include getting drunk, having a bad hygiene, lying, bad dress code, coming late, playing with your mobile phone or talking about ex-partners.

First thing you should pay attention to is the hygiene. No one wants to meet a person that does not take proper care of their personal hygiene. This is a big turn off, but it also shows that due to the fact that someone does not care of their hygiene it means that they do not care about the date as well. You should always take good time to prepare and look best as possible on your dates. Showering, shaving, brushing teeth, wearing deodorants and having a nice hairdo are a must. Nobody likes to kiss someone that does not smell nice or that does not have a fresh breath.

Dressing nicely for the date is also very important. Wearing expensive and flashy clothes is not required, but you have to put at least effort to look nice and attractive. Avoid wearing old trousers, stain shirts or wrinkled t-shirts. Wearing clothes that are too tight or too baggy should also be avoided, because you might give impression that you do not know how to pick a clothing size.

Avoid being late on dates, because that shows that you are not respecting the time of your date. If there is a circumstance when you must be late, then a good thing to do is to message your date as quickly as you can, so he or she will not be left waiting for a long time. Being late can also cause the other person to feel uncomfortable and their mood may switch from good to bad.

When on a date, avoid lying about yourself. Just be honest with your date and tell the things like they really are. If you are faking or lying about something, that can lead to a network of lies. Why risk ruining a possibly good relationship by telling lies about yourself. People appreciate truthful and sincere people, and being honest can make you even more attractive to your dating partner. Do not brag about money or talk too much about what you have achieved in life. Your date might feel uncomfortable and nervous if you constantly talk about yourself.

Other important things that should be avoided on dates is constantly using your smartphone or talking about your previous partner. No one wants to hear about ex-partners, so avoid that subject. You are on a date to meet and get closer to the person you are dating, and not to reminisce about the past. Using your phone on dates is rude and disrespectful. That is why you should switch it to silent and keep it in your pocket or bag.

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