Rules about online dating

Interested in online dating? Here is what you need to know; online dating is different from the traditional dating. For you to be able to succeed in online there are rules that you need to adhere to.

One thing that you need to is determine the reason why you are participating in online dating. You need to decide if you are looking for something serious or just casual dating.


In all the dating sites that you will come across, you will have to set up a profile. When you are setting up the profile, don’t give your actual name or rather do not reveal your actual identity. This is the silent rule of dating online. You can set up an interesting profile so as to attract different people. You can only reveal your name to someone you are interested in.

You can have a photo of yourself but it would be better if you regulate the people who can view your photo.

Don’t share personal information

Although most of the online sites do have a system that can protect your account, you need to be careful with the type of information that you give. Do not share your social security number or your credit card details.

Set time

You need to have a specific time allowance that you can spend chatting with people online. Limiting the number of hours that you will use will help you to stay in check. Online dating is exciting and because of this there are people who spend too much time online which can be very unproductive.

You also need to set time on how long you will communicate via the internet before you agree on a face to face meeting. You need to be ready and open to have such a meeting.

Limit the information that you share

Even though you may be caught in the excitement, you need to limit the type of information that you share. Keep the conversation casual lest you scare potential prospects. Keep information like your address, your place of work etc. to yourself. There are scammers around who are only looking for personal information.

You only need to share your number only when you are ready to and only to the people that you are interested in.

Let people know where you are

If you decide to have a face to face meeting, you need to let your family and friends know about your whereabouts.

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