Don’t Make the Mistake of Choosing the Wrong Dating Profile Picture!

So, you’ve made up your mind and are looking to date a smart and adorable guy. What’s even better is that you’ve created your online dating account and are now searching for that perfect picture to go with your profile. However, it is at this point that you realize that you don’t have the right picture that will complement your dating profile. That’s when you either end up uploading one of the recently clicked images or edit your own image from a family or group photograph captured previously. Do you think it’s a great idea? Or do you feel this will fetch you enough messages and the attention of the right guy? Well, the answer is ‘No’! Even if a couple of men do show an interest in your profile, don’t forget first impression is the last impression. Thus, it is impertinent that you select your profile photos wisely. Here, take a look at some of the mistakes women tend to make while choosing images for their online dating profile.

  1. Cut People from Group Photographs: Women often cut out their own images from a group photograph and use the same as their profile pictures. This is a common blunder and one that should be avoided at all cost. Men don’t find such profile pictures fascinating enough and may therefore not show interest in your profile. Therefore, make sure you upload a full sized image of yourself, instead of cutting an image out of a group or family shot.  
  2. Filtered Photos are a Big No: While, you may admire the filter effect applied to your photograph, the fact is that guys find such profile photos less reliable or trustworthy. As a result, they won’t respond to your requests or send you an invite from their end. Hence, it is advisable that you upload an image that shows how you really look and dump the filter effect completely.
  3. No Smile Photos: Another big mistake a woman can ever make is to upload a profile picture with missing smiles. Men love to see smiling faces and therefore if you want them to get attracted towards you then make sure you put up a profile picture wherein you are smiling candidly.

To conclude, women need to understand that when it comes to online dating, having the right profile picture will get them all the attention that they crave for. Thus, it is important that they upload pictures that are genuine and where they are dressed up nicely.  

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