Advice for Men – How to have a Successful First Date

Dating is supposed to be a fun activity, where you get a chance to spend some time with the person you like. However, many men are facing anxiety problems before their first date because they plan and expect everything to go smoothly. Unsuccessful first date can damage your chances for potentially developing a nice relationship with the person you like. In order to avoid stressful situations, you should pay attention to few details before going on a first date. The following are some advices on how to have a successful first date.

  • Preparation.

Before going on your first date, prepare yourself for asking proper questions. That way you would avoid the awkward silence or weird situations when you just do not know what to talk about. Your focus on the first date should be to make your partner feel comfortable and relaxed. Avoid asking complex or tough questions, and focus on the simple things. You will eliminate the nervousness if you keep the main focus on your partner. That way you will also relax and the conversation will go smoothly. Be a good gentleman and show proper manners with your date, even if you find out that you really do not like her. In that case you can keep the first date short. In any case, by being positive and showing good attitude you can get another friend in your life. Also, do not be late on your first date. Show up on time or come earlier and wait for her. By being on time you show that you care, and that will make you additionally attractive.

  • Clothing.

Select your clothing wisely, because that is important for the first impression. Make all the effort to look as sharp as possible on your first date. Women like men that dress nice and clean, but you do not have to buy some fancy new clothing for your first date. Wear something that you feel most comfortable in, something that represents you nicely. Clothing that emphasizes your physical outlook is the best for that occasion. Anyhow, the most important thing is to feel confident in whatever you decide to wear. Dating experts suggest wearing darker colors for jeans and pants paired with collared shirts with long sleeves. Casual jackets look nice in every occasion, but strong colors should be avoided, because they will take the attention off of you. Shoes should always be clean and complementary with your socks.

  • Dating places.

Most of the people choose quiet dining places for their first date. That way they can talk calmly while seeing their date, but sometimes this formal setting gives a feel like you are on a job interview. In order to have more pleasant first date, the best thing to do is to go somewhere and enjoy some kind of fun activity together, such as attending a concert, go bowling, watching a sporting event, biking or attending some other open activity. Visiting theme parks, museums or exhibitions are also good options. Talking and doing nice things together is good for bonding and creating pleasant experiences.

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