Here’s What You Must Do to Remain Friends Post Breakup

A number of couples choose to stay friends post a breakup, especially the ones who haven’t ended their relationship with a lot of yelling over each other or mud-slinging. So, if you and your guy resolved to break up amicably and in case you wish to remain friends post the break up, then take a look at some of the suggestions and ideas right here.

It’ll take Time: Post your breakup, you won’t start behaving like friends immediately. It’ll take some time, a great deal of healing and understanding before you can start living normally. Hence, take your time and mourn so that you get over your ex completely. Remember, you cannot forcefully remain friends until things have settled down. It’s that time of your life when you need to discover yourself and determine what went wrong. You basically need to outgrow your existing feelings and for that you will require plenty of time. Avoid social websites as much as you can and spend time away from each other. This will help you heal better and restart a healthy friendship.

Build Boundaries: It is okay to be friends with your ex, post a breakup. However, what is equally important is that you set boundaries for your relationship right at the beginning. Hence, make sure you don’t dig into your ex’s life to find out more about his/her latest love interest. It’s also important that you avoid sex with your ex at all costs. Thus, identify things that you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing after your breakup and ensure that you respect those boundaries.

No Expectations, You are Just Friends: Your relationship will never be the same after a breakup and therefore don’t expect things of your ex. Remember, you are just friends with each other and you no long control each other’s life. This will help you in simplifying a lot of things and maintaining this new relationship will be easier.

Don’t Make Faces When You See Each Other: If you wish to stay friends after a break up then behave normally and make sure you don’t make faces every time you bump into each other. Your relationship ended for a reason and there’s no need for you to behave in an absurd manner. Instead, act maturely and try to meet and greet each other formally, especially if you both have common friends. Basically, you need to dump the past and live in the moment, which can only happen if the two of you mutually agree to stay friends and not ruin things any further.

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