5 Tips To Get Over An Ex

Breakups are hard. The person you cared up about is no longer in your life and you have to figure out how to live without them. Of course you’ll soon get over it, but in the moment, you feel as if your heart is shattered into a thousand pieces and you’ll never be able to put them back together again. People get over their exes in a variety of ways, so there’s no right way to get over an ex. And that’s okay since all that matters is that you learn to move on and get back to living life the way you were before they stepped into your life. If you’re currently stuck in that emotional rollercoaster that happens post-breakup, here are some tips to help you move forward and get over your ex:

  • Cry it out

Sometimes all you need is a good cry to make you feel better. Although you’ve silently been crying within ever since the breakup, go ahead and let it all out. Stay home, blast your favorite tunes and just let it all come out. Let the waterworks go and flow until you’ve finally let it all out. Once you have, you’ll notice how much better you feel and how much clearer everything is.

  • Stay busy

Distraction is the best remedy for a broken heart. Call up your friends and family and keep yourself busy. Go out to the movies, concerts or family gatherings – anything to keep your mind from thinking about your ex. Catch up with people that you may have neglected or lost touch with when you were a couple.

  • Cut of all communication

The best way to get over an ex is to cut of all communication. If you’re still talking to them after the breakup, you heart will get mixed signals and start to feel a longing for them. If the relationship is truly done then walk away and never look back.

  • Get rid of any and all reminders

To help rid them of your life and heart, get rid of any reminders that you may have at home, your office, car, etc. Don’t wear their favorite tee to bed or sniff their perfume or cologne every once in a while. Get rid of memory triggers that can have you feeling sad and stuck in the past.

  • Give yourself time

Know that you’re not going to get over your ex in a day or even a week. Be gentle with your heart and give yourself time and space. It’s okay to heal slowly and take things one day at a time. Know that you won’t feel this way forever and that one day this will all be in the past.

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