5 Signs Its Time to Bid Goodbye Forever

Things can get really ugly when you try to drag a relationship that seems to be heading nowhere. In fact, nothing could be more annoying than being in a relationship that leaves you unhappy, empty and frustrated from within. So, if you’ve still not been able to understand what’s wrong with you then look for these 5 signs to determine whether it’s time to bid goodbye to your partner and break up with him/her forever.

Sign No.1-You Choose to Work Extra Hours: If you find yourself constantly searching for excuses to stay behind and work for extra hours, instead of heading straight to your partner after office hours, then it’s quite clear that you want to avoid him/her at any cost. This isn’t a very good situation to be in. If you are really fond of someone, you’re likely to do everything in your capacity to stick around with him/her as much as you can. However, staying late at the office means you definitely don’t want to see them any further.

Sign No.2-Quarreling Over Petty Issues: While, fights are common in any relationship, you shouldn’t be fighting on each and every issue or over petty matters. If you find yourself getting annoyed with your partner over insignificant issues and topics then it’s about time you called it quits.

Sign No.3-Everything he/she does leaves you Irritated: Yet another sign that you don’t wish to continue any further with this relationship is when you find his/her acts and behavior both annoying and irritating. Your partner could be simply caressing your head or whistling, which isn’t as irritating as you think it is yet you find yourself getting bothered by his/her actions, then it clearly implies that you are absolutely ready for a breakup.

Sign No.4-You Are Constantly Looking to Spend Time Elsewhere: If you find yourself scheduling meetings, events, parties and fun nights with your friends or family members on a regular basis, then it’s quite evident that you are done with your existing relationship. Ideally, you should be looking to spend more time with your special someone and not running away from him/her. However, if you constantly feel the need for sharing your innermost feelings and frustrations with your friends or family members then you certainly require a break from your partner.

Sign No.5-You Don’t Want to Sacrifice for Your Partner: If you don’t feel like interacting with your partner’s family or you are always searching for excuses when it’s about shopping or night out with his/her friends then probably the relationship is already over and you need to be upfront about it.

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